As a Spirit Guide Messenger and Intuitive Business Mentor I take great pleasure and pride in assisting people from all walks of life who are seeking to discover their own truths and make connections with their non-physical friends and spirit family.

I want you to know that whether you join me at one of my live workshops or book a one-on-one Spirit Guide Reading with myself and my Spirit Guides (whom I know as Xara & Friends) – we work only in the realm of the highest good for all on this planet, including you. Especially you. (Did you feel that little hug there?)

I offer:

  • Phone sessions (recorded, for you to keep)
  • Live sessions (if you can come to Waynesville, NC)
  • Private gatherings
  • Live seminars and workshops

To book your private reading please visit my bookings page.

To book a home party, workshop or private event, please contact us.

VIDEO: Xara & Friends video: “An Urgent Message to Goddesses and Game-Changers”


Get Success Tips from Spirit!

I am a psychic medium and intuitive business mentor. I channel messages from a group of loving, non-physical entities whom I know as "Xara & Friends."
If you have questions or challenges with any aspect of your life or business we will be glad to provide you with the insight and answers you seek. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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