How I Met My Spirit Guides

Got Spirit Guides with Mandy Wildman
Hi. I’m Mandy Wildman.

In 2013 I was the co-owner of a successful business and marketing company with my husband, Wayne Porter.

We had three young kids and I’d been working hard building our business for a number of years.

Then one day I crashed and burned. I was suffering from burnout.

I started meditating to relieve the stress I was feeling and to seek balance.

I desperately needed insight into life’s BIG questions.

Then one day, as I sat meditating, I realized that I had heard a voice answering a question I had just asked.

That was odd.

I knew It wasn’t me thinking that answer – because I was the one asking the question.

Instantly, I heard the words, “Get a notebook.”

That began a journey of being spontaneously able to relay messages of hope, inspiration and encouragement from a group of non-physical beings I know as Xara and Friends.

Initially I only shared these messages with my husband.  However, as time went on Xara and Friends urged me to relay their uplifting messages to individuals and gatherings of people.

I was very reluctant, afraid that people might think I’d completely lost my mind.

But Xara and Friends were lovingly persistent and eventually I decided to accept this new reality.

I decided to share these incredible messages with the world. I decided to share them with YOU.

My love and blessings,

Mandy Wildman

Mandy Wildman

P.S. If you have a question for Xara & Friends please contact me. I try to make time to answer every question I receive.
P.S. Please watch this video – Xara & Friends say that it is important you hear this.

VIDEO: Xara & Friends video: “An Urgent Message to Goddesses and Game-Changers”


Photo taken by Rose-Marie Vieira.