Xara & Friends speak through Mandy WildmanIn 2013 Mandy Wildman, co-owner of a successful business and marketing consulting company with her husband, Wayne Porter, started meditating daily to relieve stress and seek balance and insight into life’s BIG questions.

One day, as she sat on her meditation mat in her bedroom, she began spontaneously relaying messages of inspiration, hope and encouragement from a group of non-physical beings she calls Xara and Friends.

While Mandy had always known she was somewhat intuitive (friends had nicknamed her ‘the slightly psychic business coach’) she was astonished – and a little wary – at this new-found ‘ability’.

Initially Mandy only shared the messages with her husband, but as time went on Xara and Friends urged Mandy to relay their uplifting messages to individuals and gatherings of people.

Mandy was hesitant, concerned that some people might think she had completely lost her mind, but Xara and Friends were lovingly persistent and eventually Mandy decided to accept her new reality and ‘come out.’

This website is the story of Xara & Friends.

Photo courtesy of Rose-Marie Vieira.