Are you a hard-working, productive-but-struggling solopreneur?

Would you love to make more income without having to add more hours to the day?

Could you use some support, guidance and inspiration from others just like YOU?

WHAT?! 12 Months of Solopreneur Success Mentoring for 50% OFF?
(Yes, but for 7 more people ONLY)

In January of 2015 – despite some opposition from OUR business coaches – my marketing guru husband Wayne Porter and I are launching our most affordable, comprehensive, and downright cosmic year-long mentoring program EVER!

In the past, we’ve offered high-level mentoring programs at a price-point that was out of reach for some of the struggling solopreneurs we also wanted to help.

We thought long and hard about how we’ve met so many awesome entrepreneurs who just can’t afford a high-priced business coaching program even though they REALLY need the help – shucks – that’s no good!

So we put our heads together and came up with a WICKED nifty plan! What about practically GIVING away our training materials and premium content – packaged in an easy-to-do, year-long group mentoring program?  That way, we could help more people!

Did I mention it’s going to be ridonkulously affordable for ANY solopreneur?

But before we release this program to the general public in 2015 we need a handful of eager, determined solopreneurs who could use a little help (or a LOT of help) with their business. You’d be right for this program if:

  • You’re generous and a team player
  • You’re smart and you love to implement what you learn
  • You’d like some hand-holding from a team of experts who’ve been there and done it, BUT
  • You’re not looking for sympathy or somebody to do it all for you.

When you join Mandy & Wayne’s Out-of-This-World School for Solopreneurs (yes, that’s really what it’s called) you’ll get:

  • Access to Mandy & Wayne’s entire Success Library – ALL of our training videos, tele-seminars, ebooks and webinars – literally years worth of our work – all in one place right at your fingertips, 24/7. This is at least $5,000 worth of materials – probably more.
  • The ability to ask questions and get answers from us and other mentors and experts at any time of the day or night, all day, every day.
  • The opportunity to collaborate, network and mastermind ANY kind of awesome project you can dream up!
  • Support from peers and mentors (and Mandy’s Spirit Guides, Xara & Friends) that will make the difference between being in business FOR yourself rather than BY yourself. Feeling lonely and isolated is the #2 reason solopreneurs go back to working for someone else. The #1 reason is ‘not making enough money.’ This program is designed to help you with that!
  • Oh – and Xara & Friends have relayed to me (Mandy) that they will actively participate in assisting the spirit-led solopreneurs who join this program. (It’s their mission – like mine – to help YOU be as successful as you can possibly be.)

For just a few days you can join this program (if you feel you qualify) for only $287!

Yes, you read that right. That’s a one-time-payment – and there are no zeros missing!  It really is less than $300.  So for a tiny fraction of what this program will launch for in January 2015, you can get in NOW and stay in through DECEMBER 2015. That’s 15 months of mentoring for just $287!

 BUT – you can only join at this price UNTIL SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT, and
we can only take TEN PEOPLE at this price – sorry.

Are you in?

If you feel you qualify hit the button below right now and pay for your membership. We’ll contact you to let you know if you’ve been accepted into the program, and then we’ll send you the deets for how to gain access to the group and the materials.

Imagine – 12 months of Support, Spirit and Success for under $300!

BUT remember – you have to promise to be a team player. No whining, no being lazy, no being disrespectful to other members or mentors. Agreed? Awesome! Grab your spot right now.

(Note: If we get too many people joining before Sunday night we’ll refund your money in full with an apology.)

Bonuses? Extras?

Sorry – at this price there are no bonuses or ‘extras’ – but we think you’re going to LOVE the Out Of This World School For Solopreneurs so much that you’ll realize you got your money’s worth within the first 20 minutes (hint: start by watching the 20 (twenty) one-minute ‘Money Momentum’ videos and you’ll see what we mean!)


See you on the other side – so to speak!

Love, Mandy & Wayne

Questions? Email us (quick!)