How to be ‘nonchalantly successful’

“The best way to be is ‘nonchalantly successful’ – where you are acting as if being successful is the easiest thing in the world for you – no effort at all.  

You do this by not being ‘frantic’ or ‘feverish’. That is always related to being attached to an outcome – a deadline, a number, or a reaction from someone that you want or don’t want.  These are all things you cannot control – other than by holding what you want away from you!

So the only way to control outcomes with fear or force is to hold away the outcome that you are so attached to.  In other words, when you attempt to control an outcome with fear, franticness or force, the outcome you’ll be controlling will be holding that which you want away from you – get it?”

Our great love to you, Xara & Friends