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How to Grow a Life

This message was dictated to Mandy Wildman by a group of non-physical teachers whom she knows as Xara & Friends.

How to Grow a Life

“We are here – we will never forsake you – but we will lovingly insist that you stand on your own two physical feet. Your own doubt and lack of belief in your desired outcomes are your greatest hindrances.

We say (since you asked): take full responsibility for your happiness, creativity, connectedness, and joyous fulfillment. There are no pre-destined outcomes for you from our perspective, only from yours.

Our mission is to assist you in flowing through this life without the negativity most of you seem to feel is necessary. We’re not saying not to experience negativity once in a while – it’s what you came here to grow from. But we are saying, don’t wallow in it! It isn’t necessary for the understanding you came here to seek.


Your solutions to your perceived money/relationships/purpose pains are right in front of you – they always were. Each of you is responsible for your own emotions and reactions to situations and we are saying that they don’t need to be that big or devastating. Once you understand who you really, really are and are connected to the Source within you, you’ll be able to handle anything that comes at you – and THAT’S what you came here to master – handling life’s challenges with equanimity. Most of these challenges are those with which you are in agreement because you chose them in the first place.

It’s like a gardener choosing which plants to plant – and he’s looking in a catalogue and it says, “This plant is finicky – it’s hard to grow.” And he says, “Yes! That’s the one I want to grow – I’ll win the county fair with that one!”

Crocosmic Experience Boone2013

You see? Grass is the easiest thing in the world to “grow” (you don’t “grow” plants – they grow themselves – you nurture them, just as we are doing with you in this moment). You never hear a devout gardener enthusiastically announce how he’ll win the county fair or be featured in a magazine for growing grass. Why? Because it’s EASY!

But you didn’t come here for “easy.” You didn’t come here to grow grass or to let it grow under your feet. You came here to taste the fruits of life – to create your own deliciously beautiful life – and learn how to overcome challenges. Like orchids. Peonies. Delphiniums.


You may say, “Oh, those are not so difficult to grow – I could do that!” And then life brings you a job transfer – to Alaska. Then the game of life gets kicked up a notch and you have embarked upon a new level of growth. And we know you can do it.

We love and admire you greatly.

Xara & Friends (and Mandy)
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