Turning toward the light

This morning, as I sat down to commune with my spirit mentors Xara & Friends after an upset with a stranger that happened yesterday, something magical happened.

As I settled into my meditation spot – some soft blankets and pillows against a wall in my bedroom – the morning sun came out and shone between the leaves of the trees, through the window and directly towards where I was sitting.

Concerned that the sunlight may be too bright and that I would have to move, I closed my eyes.  When I faced the sunny window I could see the light through my eyelids, but when I moved my head ever so slightly so that the sun was blocked, all I saw was darkness.

When I opened my eyes again I noticed that the sunlight I was now seeing wasn’t harsh or blinding. This was a soft, clear, glowing light that I could easily look at. I felt bathed in its warming glow, and I breathed deeply. The words soon came.

“You have only to turn your head just slightly to see a whole, bright, shining vista of possibilities,” they told me.  “Simply turn away to look at something beautiful when the peanut gallery rears its ugly head.  The longer you focus on the negative the more you will be drawn in.  Don’t allow it.  Allow only what makes you feel good.

I felt good.